The Sanskaar Valley School
Promoted by Bhaskar Group and Sharda Devi Charitable Trust


Welcome to Shikhar

As a Sanskaarian journeys through Shikhar, a plethora of learning opportunities unfolds in the four years, which prepares the student to make the right kind of decision to choose the correct path in tertiary education. The focus is on meticulous preparation for public examinations and attainments of the highest order befitting the potential of each student. The academic progress of any student in Shikhar is effectively monitored through individual mentoring and rigorous training from one cycle of examination to another. Every student is counseled to choose the stream of his/her liking at the senior secondary level so as to prepare the student to seek admission in the right institution after graduating from the school. Concomitantly, all the curricular/co-curricular competitions at the inter-house or school levels are open to the students for participation. Students are encouraged and mentored to represent the school at the highest level. As the Sanskaar Valley School is a part of the league of IPSC our students get the chance to participate in a number of All-India competitions in various disciplines of sports and co-curricular pursuits.