Date of Event: 9th October, 2020

‘Meri Bhasha, Mera Manch’–Grade IV

'मेरी भाषामेरा मंच'

बुनें कवितागढ़ें कहानी,या कोई पहेली पूछ लें हम,

है हिंदी की आई बारीजो चाहे वो कर लें हम...

क्योंकि प्यारे बच्चों ये है...

'मेरी भाषामेरा मंच'


This is the time to express our love and respect for our mother tongue “Hindi”. Students of Prangan will accolade their National Language through various activities planned grade wise on the dates mentioned below


11th September, 2020

25th September, 2020

9th October, 2020




By- Ms. Aparna