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Counseling Cell of the school comprises of Samcara - The Career Counseling Cell.

The career counselors at The Sanskaar Valley School empower students to make choices and career decisions based on understanding the science behind the whole process. They help and develop career planning and decision making, maximising career opportunities, generating awareness among students of senior school. They help the student to broaden their horizons and show them options that they may not have considered before.

In addition to providing individual and group counseling to students, the counselor has been organizing activities to create a holistic Education and Career Guidance (ECG) experience for the students. These activities enhance students' exposure to the diverse education pathways and working world so they can make informed choices. This helps the students, to better equip and prepare them when they step into the job market.

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  •   Placements 2022

    The students of the batch 2021-22 have been placed in the following universities :

    • Indiana University Bloomington, USA
    • University of Cincinnati, USA
    • University of Glasgow, Scotland

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