Date of Upload: 2nd August, 2019

IPSC Music Fest Hertz 440 28th - 30th September 19

All artists need a platform to express their creative and artistic abilities. And what better way than an event where all budding musicians from various schools all over the country get together to showcase their skills and experience in a diverse form of learning!

All India IPSC Music Fest ‘Hertz 440’, 2019 is one such event that will provide a great platform for students to develop their creative skills and get the opportunity to analyse and evaluate their techniques and outcomes vis-à-vis those of other young musicians. And of course, the experience gained by travelling to new places and observing different cultures can be life-changing for any student who aspires to be in the creative field where new ideas and new ways of thinking are deeply cherished.

Mayo College Ajmer is hosting the All India IPSC Music Fest ‘Hertz 440’, 2019 from 28th Sept to 30th Sept 2019. The students would be travelling to Ajmer with the designated teachers from the Music Department and would be staying in the accommodation provided by the school on their campus itself.

Students should try to participate in at least 2 events of their choice & as per their aptitude from the categories given below-  

  • Hindi Group Song
  • Western Choir
  • Indian Classical Vocal (Solo)
  • Indian Light Classical Vocal Solo  
  • Western Vocal Solo         
  • Western Instrumental Solo (Melodic Instruments)

Interested students should submit the Consent & Indemnity Form with their parents’ signature at the earliest. The details about the competition are mentioned in the notice on the school website.  The Deadline for Registration is 10th August 2019 and for submission of the amount towards the event is 17th August 2019.

For any queries get in touch with Mr. Tarun Rao (Mob- 8966993283) of the Music Department.

Indemnity Form