Date of Upload: 17th June, 2019

Just a Minute


Just – a Minute competition (5th July) for Class 4

  • Students have already been informed verbally about the competition and it is a part of their Holiday HW. 

PLAN- JUST A MINUTE COMPETITION will be conducted on the 5th  July for Grade 4. Students should practise speaking and enhance their speaking abilities by using the techniques taught by their English teachers. 

Preliminary Round: On 25th and 26th  June, students will participate in the preliminary round conducted during the English class. Students will be given a topic by the teacher to speak. They will be given 1 minute to prepare and 1 min to speak in the class. They will also be marked out of 5 for their speaking skills. Students will be selected on the basis of their confidence body language, fluency and use of good vocabulary, and content.

28th  June English teachers will select three students from each section after completion of the first preliminary round.  

5th July : Final Round: Students will participate and compete against one other. Selected participants should come in formal dress on the day of the competition.

Two in-house Judges will be invited for judging the competition.

Students will be picking up two topics from the chit- bowl and will be allowed to speak on any one topic of their choice. They will be given 3 min to prepare and 1 min to speak on stage. 

The Competition will aim at testing the candidates on the following-

  • Ability to think about the topic
  • Idea generation
  • Prioritization and sequencing to display logical thinking
  • Ability to connect with the audience
  • Communication skills
  • Overall presentation skills-body language, confidence, poise, composure etc.
  • Students are suggested to prepare well in advance so that the impromptu speech comes out to be spontaneously impressive! Be creative and use good vocabulary and body language. They can practice in front of family or friends. Stay positive & envision a successful presentation.