Date of Upload: 16th April, 2019

RS Service Project - Genesis Global School, Noida

Organising School Genesis Global School
Event Service Project  
Theme The Greatest Wealth is Health
Age 14-18 years
Class Classes  IX & XI    
Dates May 27 – May 30, 2019
Delegation Size 06 students + 1 teacher escort
Departure (from Bhopal) May 26, 2019 (As per Travel Plan)
Arrival (to Bhopal) May 30, 2019 (As per Travel Plan)
Accommodation Genesis Global School

Kindly submit as follows:

  • Consent Form by 18th April 2019
  • Eligibility & Indemnity Form by 18th April 2019
  • Payment by 20th April 2019
Circular Consent Form Eligibility Form Indemnity Form

Mrs Anubha Singh

Round Square co-ordinator

Mrs Priya Mishra

Round Square Representative