Date of Upload: 27th November, 2018

IC3 Regional Forum for Career Counselors at TSVS

The Sanskaar Valley School, Bhopal is organizing IC3 Regional Forum for the Career Counselors on 17th January 2019. The details of the conference are as follows:


IC3 Regional Forum 2019

The IC3 (International Career & College Counseling) is a volunteer organization that provides support to high schools around the world through their invaluable guidance and training resources.

Through events like the IC3 Regional Forum, the goal of the IC3 movement is to empower every school to be able to run a robust, fully functional career and college counseling department.


Benefits of attending the event:

• Intriguing talks by prominent speakers in the field of education

• Opportunity to meet experts and influencers face to face

• New idea generation

• Opportunity to network

• Connect with National & International Universities

• Greater Focus- Invest in yourself

• Renew your motivation for better results

• Experience a campus tour of TSVS

• Be surrounded by the energy of like-minded individuals

To attend the event, you are requested to kindly register on


Eligibility for Registration:

Anyone working full-time with any school in the capacity of a Senior Management personnel, Teacher, Administrative personnel etc., is welcome to register for the IC3 event. There will be no registration fee for the event for them.