Date of Upload: 29th June, 2018

Round Square Conference at Sarla Birla Academy-Bangalore

Organising School SBA, Bangalore
Event Conference
Theme Let’s Change Ourselves- Not Nature
Class Classes  IX - XII   
Age 14-18 years  
Dates 11 October – 14 October 2018
Delegation Size 6 students + 1 escort  
Departure (from Bhopal to Bang.) October 10, 2018 (As per Travel Plan)
Arrival (to Bhopal from Bang.) October 15, 2018 (As per Travel Plan)
Fees INR 22,000 /-  per delegate
Accommodation The Sarla Birla Academy

For Participation kindly submit:

a) Consent & Eligibility Forms by 30 June 2018

b) Indemnity Form by 30 June 2018

c) Payment by 5 July 2018

Consent From Eligibility Form
Indemnity Form Circular

Mrs Anubha Singh

Round Square co-ordinator

(Shikhar) Mobile: 9826133027

Mrs Priya Mishra

Round Square Representative