Date of Upload: 29th January, 2018

Prangan Activity Plan and Options Form 2018

Dear Parents,

Greetings of the Season !

The Co-curricular activities framework is designed to encompass every indoor and outdoor activity which includes the cultural, sports and the literary arena. Students of Prangan have Sports, Art, Craft, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Dance, Dramatics, Public Speaking, Value Education and General Knowledge etc. as part of the 'Compulsory' activities. We offer choices in P.E. and Instrumental Music.

We are sending overleaf the Activity Plan & Options for the upcoming year. Kindly go through the options offered in P.E. and Instrumental Music and send in the preferred choices for your child/ward to the class teacher by Saturday, February 3, 2018.

Physical Education (PE) :

* Physical Education (PE) is an inclusive part of the curriculum and state of the art facilities with specialized coaches in more than fifteen disciplines run the PE programme.

* Please give your choices for BOTH  Term 1 and Term 2 from the options given. However, the school will assign any ONE game for each term, based on your child's aptitude and the school policy.

* Swimming and Athletics will be scheduled as per the school policy.

Instrumental Music :

Students may pursue the Instrument  of their choice under this section  and   are advised to continue with the  same instrument in the future  so that they can  achieve proficiency in the activity.  The curriculum is designed to inculcate a sense of appreciation and will follow the Sarvabharti Graded Examination Syllabus. (Appearing for the Sarvabharti Examination is Optional).


You may click on this link to submit your choices online. Click here

In case you are unable to submit the form through the link, you may download the Activity Option Form and send it to the class teacher.

Click here to download ACTIVITY OPTION FORM


Warm Regards,

Pratibha Lalwani
Head Of Activities