Date of Upload: 4th December, 2017

1st Vidhayak Trophy & 8th Open School Taekwondo Championship-Bhopal

Dear Parents,

Your child has qualified to participate in the 1st Vidhayak Trophy & 8th Open School Taekwondo Championship scheduled to be held at Bhojpur Club, Near Bittan Market, Bhopal from 9th to 11th   December 2017.

The school will provide:

  • Packed lunch, biscuits and fruits that will be sent to the venue
  • Transport for students 

Kindly note that in case their event is not complete by 2.30pm, Parents / House-master / House-mistress will be informed for picking the children. (Will be coordinated by the teacher present there)

Children will be dressed in the School uniform and will carry a Taekwondo dress and a large water bottle.

School will make all these arrangements from 09th to 11th December 2017. They will leave the school at 9.30 a.m. and will be accompanied by Mr. Satish Jadhav, Mobile: - 9617479304. Kindly coordinate with Teacher in-charge & arrange to pick your child from the venue.

Note: - Kindly arrange for the Transport and Lunch/snacks of your child on Holiday, 10th December 2017. Student should report to the venue by 9. 30 am. House-masters / house-mistress to coordinate for transport and food for the Boarders.

1- Entry Fee – Fighting Style – Rs. 200/ 

2-  Poomsea Style – Rs. 200/

(Students can take part in both Styles of Taekwondo Competition).

The Fee will be debited to the School Imprest account of the participating child.

a) Consent Form

b) List of team members

Satish Jadhaw

Taekwondo Coach

Pratibha Lalwani

Head of Activity