Date Uploaded: 14th March, 2023

School Teams Trials

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." – Michael Jordan

We are soon beginning the trials for the selection to be in school teams for each sport. Trials for team sports are scheduled on Saturday 18th March 2023 and for individual sports on the 1st of April 2023. If you wish to be a part of these trials and the school team, please take note of the following.

For Trials:
    1.  The Trial schedule is attached, please get in touch with your coach and register for the trials, no last-minute entries will be entertained.

    2. You will have to make your own travel arrangements to and from the school.

    3. Trails will be conducted in proper sports gear only.

    4. The decisions of the coaches will be final.

For Teams: Once selected for the school team, you will have to abide by the following code of conduct.

    1.  The team practices will take place beyond school time; either before or after school.  

    2. Once selected, 90% attendance is mandatory during practices, failing which will lead to removal from the team.

    3. As a team member, you will have to participate in all tournaments & competitions that the school will register for.

    4. Proper team gear will be mandatory during all practice sessions.

    5. Indiscipline during sessions will lead to expulsion from the team.