Date of Upload: 22nd June, 2020

Prangan Remote Learning Program

Dear Parents,

We hope that you and your near and dear ones are safe.

Our students in Prangan had settled very well into the rhythm of online classes and content viewing with your support. The assignments and work that had been sent back were of quality and the teachers felt that their sessions had shown very good learning results. However, the order by the government to stop all online classes for students up to Grade 5 has to be respected.

We believe that learning for children is very important at that young age and thus we have reworked our plans for your child to continue their learning, while keeping the current situation in mind. Class Teacher’s time, Mentor Time, Events and Competitions are imperative for your child to keep in touch with their teacher and classmates. Moreover, these are not academic subject contact times, and thus, they will continue to be online.

Plan for our Prangan students is as follows:

  • Content will be shared six days a week.
  • The content will cover 3 learning areas each day, as per the timetable.
  • Timetable will be shared soon.
  • Assignments will be a part of the daily content.
  • The Class Teacher Time and the Mentor time sessions will be held, as usual, online every week.
  • Class Teacher time will be 10 to 10.30 am every Monday.
  • Mentor Time will be 10 to 10.30 am every Wednesday.
  • Sports content will be uploaded twice a week. This is optional, and if your child does not have the opportunity to go outside and play yet, these sessions would be an alternative.
  • Activity content will be uploaded thrice a week. This, again, is optional, but would give your child a good balance in the week’s school work.
  • Events and Competitions  will be held, as done so far, online every week on Saturdays, 10am  to 11am.

We believe that, in these exceptional circumstances, it is essential for your child to continue to keep in touch with their teacher, classmates and lessons as these will be the foundations in their academic, emotional and social growth. Kindly ensure that your child goes through the content every day at their pace, and does the required assignments. For any clarity on a subject or topic, please feel free to contact the Class Teacher.

We look forward to seeing some more fun-filled activity photo shares.

Please feel free to reach out for any support that your child may need.