Date of Upload: 6th May, 2020

Letter From the Desk of Principal

Greetings from The Sanskaar Valley School.

We sincerely hope that you and your family are safe and continuing to keep your spirits high during this unprecedented crisis.

As communicated earlier, we have successfully conducted our online learning since the last week of March till April 30, 2020. The classes will resume on June 1st. Our school’s IT department and teachers have worked tirelessly to ensure that our students continue to learn at almost the same pace as they do in school. As we have shortened our summer break, we will try to ensure that the students have a fulfilling academic year. We thank all of you, the parents, for your support and quick adaptation to the new ways of eLearning by your children.

We are also cognizant of the difficulties being faced by you and in this regard, it is important that I share with you parents the immense work that goes into teaching every Sanskaarian. Thus, I would like to share my thoughts with you.

You would appreciate that the staff has been working actively throughout this period and teaching has been continued through all possible remote learning tools. The teachers did their best to adapt to this new way of teaching and learning. Apart from the other paid platforms, the school procured and absorbed the cost of the extra licenses to teach and share content on Microsoft Teams, so that the students can use it for free.

I wish to add here that expenses in a school’s budget are fixed, where 75% expenditure is made on staff salaries that are paid for 12 months. All teachers including activity and sports staff, administrative staff, maintenance staff, drivers, conductors and security guards are being paid full salaries, as they are the main, and sometimes the only breadwinners of their often-large families.  We are therefore relying upon the parents continued support in enabling us to meet our commitments to the backbone of our school – our competent staff.

 Both the meals and transport facilities at Sanskaar are being managed in-house. Thus, the school needs to continue paying salaries and incur other expenses. The buses and school infrastructure are still being well maintained to ensure that the school is ready to welcome your children the day the government deems it right.

Certain fixed expenditure like minimum electricity bill, security and housekeeping etc. are still being made regularly. To add to it, large amounts of money will now have to be spent on hygiene and sanitization of our large campus and buses in the coming months. A new system will have to be put in place for the safety of your children. Even now, all preventive measures are being taken by school to protect our campus from any infections.

The School is taking all effective steps to minimize the academic summer loss to students keeping them engaged through a robust holiday program for activities and sports. This is while we are continuing to do the right thing by regularly paying the entire staff of the school and also trying to reduce the burden of the parents during these challenging times.

We have reviewed or budgets for this year yet again, and have identified areas where expenses can be curtailed or deferred to next year. To help the parents during this difficult time, the school has decided to take further initiatives. Please note that this is a one-time initiative, only due to this unprecedented situation, and will have no binding in the future.  Some Concessions in the time of Covid-19 are as under.

  1. Meals- School has waived off 50% of the fee amount from April till the school opens for your child. To provide further relief for this quarter, only 2 months are being billed. Kindly refer to the fee bill for further details.
  2. Transport– School has waived off 40% of the fee from April till the lockdown period is over, and only 2 months are being billed for now. Kindly refer to the fee bill for further details.
  3. Parents are free to make monthly payments of the fees (by a stipulated date) till we get more clarity on the situation. Annual charges can also be paid in the next quarter if they so wish.
  4. The last date of payment for the fee is being extended from May 15th, 2020 to June 1st, 2020. However, we encourage parents to pay earlier so that the school can meet its expenses.

Please note that a new fee bill with the relevant changes will be sent to you.

Trust, transparency and mutual cooperation have been the core ethos of the school and I sincerely hope that we get through this critical time with these in mind.

I sincerely look forward to your full cooperation to enable us continue our mission of providing quality education to all Sanskaarians.

Best wishes,

Mrs. Sheela Raghu
The Sanskaar Valley School