Date of Upload: 24th October, 2018

Learning to save lives at the COLS Workshop

“Every citizen is a Life Saver” This was the message given by the campaign, “Restart A Heart” which was started by the World Anesthesiologist Association. The campaign is being conducted across the world with the aim of teaching the skills of COLS (Compression Only Life Support) so that each person can become a life saver. Under this campaign, a team of eminent anesthesiologists of Bhopal in coordination with the school’s pediatrician Dr. Nisha Rajan conducted a 2-day special workshop on 22nd and 23rd October 2018. The entire teaching staff, non-teaching staff, senior school students and even the support staff of the school were educated about the steps of COLS and were also given hands-on training on mannequins. Questions were answered, the methodology was demonstrated, skills were sharpened, and everyone was trained about the process of resuscitation.