Date of Upload: 16th October, 2018

Math Week Celebrated at Prangan

The study of mathematics begins in minuteness and ends in magnificence. To rekindle the mathematical skills of our little Pranganites, Math Week was celebrated with interesting activities from 8th - 12th October 2018. The activity ‘Math Quiz’ helped assess the mathematical skills, proficiency, and aptitude of the students who were divided into six teams, namely Aryabhatta, Bhaskara, Brahmagupta, Shakuntala Devi, C.R.Rao and Ramanujan. The students answered tricky as well as logical mathematical questions in the quiz with great energy. The enthusiastic Pranganites of Grade II and III participated in the Math Race that tested their physical as well as mental agility. In the race, the little mathematicians had to solve a logical question and run to the finishing line with the correct answer. Another exciting part of the week was ‘Question of the Day’, as correct answers by students made them win prizes.