Date of Upload: 10th October, 2018

Career Counselling sessions in association with Mindler commence for Class XI

After having gone through the process of completing the exhaustive Psychometric Test on the Mindler platform, the students of Class XI attended a comprehensive session on Report Interpretation on 9th October 2018. The sessions were led by Ms. Dolveen Bhatti and Ms. Shivani Khatri, senior counselors at Mindler who discussed every aspect of the tests and its representation on the report. This was the first step towards identifying the best-fit options and choices for the students that will culminate in college admissions. The students will go through a series of such workshops before they go on to shortlist the institutions of their liking. Simultaneously, the teachers of Shikhar also went through a workshop led by Mr. Parikshit Dhanda regarding the emerging careers so that they are also able to partner students in their journey with ease and efficiency.