Date of Upload: 6th October, 2018

Pranganites Spread Joy By Way Of Indulging In 'Shramdaan'

The young Pranganites celebrated the Joy of Giving week in a unique way by extending their services by way of ‘Shramdaan’ throughout the week. The week began by paying homage to Mahatma Gandhi followed by students performing various tasks such as helping their fathers & grandparents in their daily chores. At the school, students engaged in cleaning their desks, benches, lockers etc. Acting like true Mom’s Gem, the students also got devoted in service of their Mothers by helping their moms in her household work. The Joy of giving activity culminated on 5th October 2018 by celebrating the joy of service for doing things for themselves.  It was indeed a learning experience for young Pranganites as all the activities were focused on making students realize the value of daily chores that various people perform at school & home.