Date of Upload: 10th September, 2018

Parenting Workshop for Aadhar & Prangan Parents

The parents of Aadhar and Prangan students got back together on Saturday, 8th September 2018 to attend a transformational parenting workshop to discover newer and more effective ways of bringing the best out of our children. A dynamic and seasoned Waldorf speaker, Ms. Gita Bhalla took the workshop and re-iterated on a fact that childhood is not a race and it’s important to understand the significance of an unrushed dreamy childhood. Stressing on concepts like Rhythm, indulgence with nature, a child being an open sense being etc, the workshop helped parents decipher the art and science of nurturing more creative and aware children, which will go a long way in creating a rich family culture. The parenting workshop concentrated on thoughts and perspective that might seem basic and known to all but are often not incorporated in the scheme of our daily being.