Date of Upload: 21st January, 2017

Be Confident, Not Arrogant - Class II

Students of class II of SVN conducted assembly on 9th December. They presented the assembly with a beautiful message “Be Confident, Not Arrogant”. The story started with a scene where the king is being very rude to one of his subjects.


When the king’s teacher gets to know that the sweet-natured prince that she taught has turned into a proud, rude king, she decides to teach him a lesson. For this task the teacher takes the help of her three bright students

Through the story the three students made the king realize how arrogant and rude he had become. By the end of the story the king realizes his mistake and promises to rule his kingdom with wisdom and humility.

The kids were very enthusiastic about the assembly and were dressed beautifully according to their characters. They all spoke their dialogues confidently and performed the assembly with great zeal and passion.