Date of Upload: 4th September, 2018

Prangan students exhibit intricate drama skills through their performances

Drama is a dynamic practice that introduces students to the world of wonder and encourages them to continue questioning, exploring and teasing out new ideas and ways of living and thinking. The same could be seen in the drama presentations by the students of Grade V (D, E & F) on 31st August 2018. Grade V-D presented a story on the life of Mahatma Gandhi to share the message of Humanity & Non-Violence. Grade V-F presented a play on the story ‘Saadhu aur Chuhiya’ with the message to always be happy and satisfied with what nature has given us. Grade V-E presented a performance on ‘Lallu Chor’ and beautifully brought out the learning that ‘while it is good to be innocent, it’s not good to be a fool!’ The drama teachers taught valuable lessons on dialogue delivery, group reactions and use of humor in drama.