Date of Upload: 25th August, 2018

Pranganites cast a Musical Spell with their Choir Presentation

It was a day dedicated to choral singing when seemingly ordinary children sang with extraordinary sound. And the icing on the cake was the theme-India when each song sounded nothing short of an anthem resonating with patriotic fervor and love for the country. A choir presentation was organized by the Music Department on the theme ‘Patriotism’ on 24th August 2018, where students of all sections of Grades II – V came together and presented songs that they had learned in their regular music periods.  Songs like Nanha munna rahi hoon, Mera joota hai japani, India waale, Jai ho etc totally rocked the show. To add to the excitement, a few teachers of Prangan also performed enthusiastically on the stage and were cheered by the students. The presentation was concluded by the Music Department.