Date of Upload: 23rd August, 2018

Steering Peer-Led Learning at Prangan

John Halt, a famous educator once said that “Learning is not the product of teaching, it is the product of the activity of learners”. Activating this learning instinct, Arnav Taraiya, a student from Grade V of Prangan assumed a new role of instructional resource for his peers. He shared his passion for growing plants with his class and educated them about new ways of growing plants using cocopeat soil and cocopeat pots. Known as an alternative to soil-less cultivation, Cocopeat retains water for long and is a multipurpose growing medium made from coconut husk and is the top choice for non-terrestrial plants. He acquainted his classmates with the ingredients used to make cocopeat pots and motivated them to try to make these types of pots and grow seeds in them as are the eco-friendliest pots.