Date of Upload: 8th August, 2018

Promoting camaraderie through friendly matches

We strongly believe that sports must play roles that are just not limited to promoting a competitive streak and urge to win amongst teams. It has been observed in the past that sports can transcend its role and becomes a great vehicle for students, states, and nations to face each other in the name of goodwill. To promote this feeling of camaraderie with other schools of the country, TSVS invited the Choithram International School, Indore to its campus to play friendly matches with the school’s team on 3rd August 2018. The Sports Department organized cricket, football and basketball matches where both the teams participated with great vigor and spirit. In the end, it was The Sanskaar Valley School who emerged as a winner in all the games. The students from the Choithram International School returned with new found friends and lots of memories.