Date of Upload: 6th August, 2018

Learning the art of Negotiation

If you can't go around it, over it, or through it, you better negotiate with it...Teaching our students skills to negotiate well, The Sanskaar Valley School got together with Yuva, Young Indian (YI) - Bhopal Chapter on 4th August 2018 to help build the acumen of students of Grade X in this regard. A hypothetical negotiation case was initiated amongst groups where each house-based group had to rack their brains and convince the other team to give up. When none of the teams could convince, Mr. Nikhil Kaushik, the YI representative helped students decode their mistakes and introduced them to negotiation terminologies like BATNA and ZOPA that could have possibly helped them crack the deal. Students really felt enlightened after the workshop and could understand and appreciate the art of negotiation better.