Date of Upload: 3rd August, 2018

Sanskritam Kahoot at Sopaan

To encourage varied interests, and better linguistic skills of students learning the Sanskrit language, a Kahoot round was organized on Saturday, 21st July 2018. This quiz specifically tested the basic knowledge of the Sanskrit language and the small nuances picked up by the students during the course of their language classes. The students of grades VII and VIII participated in an interesting round of questions.  The classes were divided into two groups and top three scorers from each group were adjudged toppers and given prizes to encourage their participation. The winners from Grade VIII were Pranati Patel, Arnav Tiwari, Naman Jain, Drishti Shrivastav, Kaustubh Persai and Ishita Parihar. The winners from Grade VII were Vansh Thakkar, Radhika Gupta, Prabhav Gupta and Pawan Raka.