Date of Upload: 30th July, 2018

Choral Recitation - The Waldorf Way 

“Poetry comes alive to me through recitation”- Natalie Merchant. Bearing a testimony to these words, the students of Grade III participated in a Choral Recitation on 27th July 2018 at Prangan Hall.  The students narrated a variety of Poems with passion and vibrant energy. They learned this art through practice and understanding the definite laws of clarity, rhythm, phrasing, and gesture. They also understood that narrating a poem is new each time and every recitation requires new effort and new awareness.  The children worked hard and presented poems verbatim in the manner it was practiced and given. The aim of the presentation was to enhance the skills of the children i.e. pronunciation, fluency and presentation along with stimulating their confidence.  Though it was their first attempt, some hesitated, some fumbled but at last, they could impress one and all by exhibiting perfect nuances and finer points of the art of choral presentation.

Click here to view the poems narrated