Date of Upload: 24th July, 2018

Sopaanians learn about Water Conservation and Rain Water Harvesting

For mankind to survive and lead an easy and healthy life, water rules the roost. Due to rapid human growth and uncontrolled wastage of resources, potable water is becoming scarce. To highlight the importance of Water Conservation and the need to conserve water among the children, a workshop on Water Conservation and Rain-Water harvesting was conducted for the students of Grade VI by Ms. Suniti Jaitley on 18th July 2018. The workshop highlighted the gravity of the problem and its subsequent effects. Ms. Suniti also informed students about alternate ways to save water. She helped explain that the locus now needs to shift on what are we doing rather than placing our bets on climatic activists. A working model of Rainwater harvesting was presented by a student of Grade VII and the children put their creative minds to work to depict their thoughts in the form of posters.