Date of Upload: 23rd July, 2018

Exploring Opportunities For Higher Education In Germany

Choosing an overseas university after school can undeniably be one of the most rewarding decisions students can make in their lives. However, it is imperative for aspirants to explore all the options and make an informed choice. To assist students in their quest to zero down on the best place to study, Samcara, the Career Counseling cell of TSVS invited German Language Classes director Ms. Suman Judge and her team to conduct an informative session on higher education scenario in Germany. They expounded on the benefits of living, studying and working in Germany which was followed by a module on German Universities, internships and job opportunities. Being one of the world's greenest, safest, and most innovative countries, Germany has emerged as a nation with unique features like extensive varieties of bread for foodies, the speed limit free highways for lovers of fast cars and lots more.