Date of Upload: 23rd July, 2018

Shikhar’s Social Service Club contributes their bit to build a Tobacco-free India

With each passing day, we see more newspaper headlines on people succumbing to oral and lung cancer. This situation is alarming and requires active support from all quarters to build a tobacco-free India. The Social Service Club of Shikhar took it upon themselves to sensitize the male support staff of The Sanskaar Valley School about the same through a special session on 19th July 2018. The club conducted a workshop on the ill-effects of consuming the street drug and smoking cigarettes.  Dr. Nisha Rajan, the school’s residential doctor and Mrs. Ratna Sharma, School Counselor educated the attendees on the medical aspects and physical damages caused by these substances and also offered easy ways to reduce addiction. The involvement of the audience was visible in many members from the audience sharing their personal stories about their battles with tobacco. This workshop to an extend influenced the support staff to at least initiate the process of de-addiction through basic lifestyle changes.