Date of Upload: 12th July, 2018

Neev I E assembly on Teddy's Picnic Day

Children of Neev I E went on a picnic to celebrate the Teddy’s Picnic Day on I0th July 2018. It started with a ballet by the girls telling what teddies do on a picnic and how they play and enjoy. It was a family picnic time where kids took their stuffed toys along with their teddy bears. The assembly stressed on enjoying outdoor games as opposed to playing video games. Children also learnt to clean up and put trash in the bin after the picnic.The assembly shared with all the amazing story behind the bear being named 'Teddy. Teddy Bear got its name from the 26th President of USA Theodore Roosevelt whose pet name was Teddie and once when he went hunting he refused to catch a little baby bear. So a toy maker made a little stuffed bear and sent it as a gift to the president calling him Teddy’s Bear. Later president gave permission to the toy maker to make teddies for children and gave them a name ‘Teddy Bear’. Since then the Teddy bears became famous and found a cuddly place in playhouse of children all over the world. The assembly concluded with a peppy picnic dance…..’We are going to picnic with our friends’