Date of Upload: 4th July, 2018

Paving Way For Positivity

Positivity disseminates positivity and this message was conveyed by the students of Grade VE in their Assembly on 3rd July 2018. We give what we get, and we get what we give, it is a cycle that starts and ends with us. The assembly reiterated on the need of today’s generation as future global citizens to feel empowered as they are the source of this positivity and they must strive towards having a no negative life. The assembly gave an opportunity to Eaanya Nirvikar & Priyanshi Jha to think and present their views. The other students in the class worked in a group, to conceptualise, write their own dialogues and present their thoughts. In essence, this Assembly was scripted and directed by the students and for the students. The assembly concluded with distribution of “Seeds of Happiness” to the students.