Date of Upload: 4th July, 2018

Health and Hygiene Week

For health to be bright…we must get our hygiene right! Aadhar celebrated their ‘Health & Hygiene Week’ by creating awareness among the little ones that 'a healthy outside begins from inside'. Their week started by making the kids learn the right way of brushing followed by the slideshow on oral hygiene. On Day Two students were briefed about the benefits of exercising which was followed by helping them understand the importance of milk on Day Three. They did an activity where they were told about the main source of milk and the varied forms in which milk can be consumed like butter, cheese, etc. On Day Four nutritive value of vegetables was discussed and the week culminated by making a Health-o-meter wherein the kids were briefed that eating the right food, drinking right amount, exercising daily, taking a proper sleep and keeping themselves clean.