Date of Upload: 2nd July, 2018

Adopting 'Plastic Detox' In Our Lives

The students of class IX decided to 'Go Green', in an energy-filled workshop organized by the school in association with CII’s Young Indian (YI) -Bhopal Chapter on 30th June 2018. Helping students adopt the process of 'Plastic Detox', the two heart-wrenching documentaries apprised students of the ill effects of plastic and the team projects that followed encouraged them to present their own unique and innovative ideas to reduce plastic waste. Divided into groups of 10-12 students, each group listed ten plastic products which, in their opinion, greatly affect the environment. Using chart paper, sketch pens along with a touch of their creativity, they devised a new, unique and environmentally-friendly replacement for plastic products. Students came out with interesting ideas such as an automatic dustbin that refuses plastic waste and cotton rain-proof clothing, coated in wax.