Date of Upload: 2nd July, 2018

Father’s Day Celebrated at Aadhar

The little Aadharians celebrated Father’s Day on 29th June 2018 to honour their favourite person, who is none other than their father. The excitement was palpable from the day the children knew that their dad is going to visit school.  Children performed whole heartedly for their beloved ‘Super Hero' with a song and a dance to show how much they are loved and adulated! The matching colour of the attire of the father-child duo was a scene to be cherished for life. Bonding during games was an important aspect of the child- father relationship and so the gaming session was held with vigour and enthusiasm. The fathers even fed them, dressed them, and while doing so basked in the spotlight received. It was a Father’s Day surprise that was well received by all. The day ended with innumerable requests to conduct many more such celebrations!