Date of Upload: 27th June, 2018

B'Oscar Mania engulfs the school


To culminate the literature exploring activity, Sopaan’s annual signature reading festival-B’Oscars was held on 26th June 2018.  Every year, a few new, colorful storybooks and novels from various genre, themes and characters are suggested for pleasure reading and family learning time during the Summer break. After the break, the enthusiastic students are asked to cast their votes for various categories such as the best book, best hero, etc.  During the event, awards for all the categories were presented to the students, who attended in their favourite character costume. Aditya Narang, Rohan Jain, and Kaustabh Persai were awarded as the King readers while Anadya Verma and Adya Bharti were crowned as Queen Readers of Sopaan. The teachers, on the other hand, dressed up as the famous Harry Potter characters to add to the zing and excitement.