Date of Upload: 18th June, 2018

Extensive Training And Workshops Organised For Teachers

With the objective to expose our teachers to new thoughts and ideas in the world of education, a week-long training program was organised from 7th – 15th June 2018. These need specific training dealt with several topics. Teachers from Aadhar and Prangan had various sessions with the representatives from the Waldorf schools who took them through various stage of a child’s changing consciousness and evolving role of the teachers. Mr Ashish Mandhwani, The ICT Head of Sri Ram Schools, took a session to apprise teachers about multi-fold advancement in technology and a growing need for the educators to embrace it. Eminent Clinical Psychologists Swarnima Bhargava and Puroitree Majumdar from ‘Children First’ interacted with the teachers of Sopaan and Shikhar about issues faced by these young adults and ways of incorporating ‘bubble time’ to connect with students in multiple ways. The string of workshops ended with a session with Ms Jyoti Agrawal on the Ethos that drive us.