Date of Upload: 26th April, 2018

Pledging to Make a Difference

On the 26th April 2018, the students of Shikhar’s social service team had a meaningful interaction with Mrs. Sunita Singh, Principal of SOS (Save Our Soul) Children’s Village. SOS runs a family-based program and a school mainly for orphans. In her interaction with the students, Mrs. Singh said that “Human is a social animal and the society helps it grow, it is our responsibility to give back to the society.” Encouraging the students of TSVS to participate in various social service deeds during their summer vacations, she gave them a plethora of ideas on how small contributions made by them can lead towards a visible big change. A lot of students pledged that they would engage in actions like educating about the basic alphabets to a certain number of underprivileged kids and some even committed to spending time at SOS village this summers.