Date of Upload: 21st April, 2018

Assessing Tech Quotient at Inter House IT Quiz

Each passing year the inter-house IT Quiz is creating unprecedented excitement and enthusiasm amongst students at Shikhar.   Not only has the excitement escalated but the quizzing standards have also raised with newer quizzing styles introduced each year. Last year the quiz had witnessed 7 offline and 1 online round while this year all the rounds were online and a special software for live score tabulation. The 12th edition of this competition took place on 21st April 2018. After grilling elimination rounds which were conducted during the month, all eyes were set on the finals where all the four houses participated in a gamut of rounds answering questions pertaining to Products, CEOs, Logos, Latest Inventions, Technologies etc. It was Satya in the end that emerged as the winner, followed by Pragyan, Pravir, and Udyam.