Date of Upload: 19th April, 2018

Token Of Gratitude By Social Service Club

We believe that ‘Gratitude’ is best expressed through actions and not just words. With immense appreciation in their hearts for the dining staff who work relentlessly each day to prepare and serve the must scrumptious meals to thousands of students at The Sanskaar Valley School, the students of the social service club of Shikhar got together on 19th April 2018 to say thank you. They did so by taking over as the dining staff for the day and undertook all their duties and responsibilities passionately. The students served food to all the students and staff of Shikhar, Sopaan and Prangan. Their job didn’t end here. They also cleaned the tables, arranged the utensils and re-filled food for the students. They experienced immense pleasure as they gave back to the support staff by easing their work load for the day.