Date of Upload: 18th April, 2018

ISA activity for World Heritage Day: Guest lecture by Mr Sikander MalikĀ 

As part of the ISA action plan “International Heritage Walk”, the students of the middle school celebrated the World Heritage Day by attending a guest lecture on heritage and its value in today’s world. This lecture was addressed by an eminent heritage revivalist Mr Sikander Malik. The children were narrated the true-life story of Gautam Buddha who founded Buddhism and which led the emperor Ashoka to embrace it and build the Sanchi Stupas which is now a world heritage site. The children were also told that there are two types of heritages that exist in the world – namely tangible and intangible heritage and how they all should connect with their own cultural heritage by tracing their family genealogy.  The guest lecture shared some very interesting information into the heritage of Bhopal city.