Date of Upload: 17th April, 2018

Dancing Their Way to Glory!

Great dancers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion! And the passion for dancing was quite evident in all the presentations of the ‘Retro’ Duet Dance Competition that took place on 13th April 2018 for the students of Grade V. The students had paid attention to the minutest of details as far as the costume and style of the period was concerned. Also, the hard work that they had put in for a synchronized performance on the fast-changing tracks of the medleys was highly appreciable. The audience got so drawn in the performance that for moments they forgot that the performance was by just 10-11 years old kids. The judges, Mr Satish Tejwani and Ms Surbhi Sharma had a tough time deciding on the results as each performance stood out from the rest in terms of moves, rhythm and choice of songs and the entertainment value! 


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