Date of Upload: 11th April, 2018

Students Quizzed On Their Knowledge Of India Culture And Heritage

The Inter-House Heritage Quiz was held on 7thApril 2018 for the students of classes IX, X and XII at the Umang hall. In this interesting eight-round competition, the students were quizzed in a range of rounds like the objective questions with options round, the buzzer round and audio-visual round. The Quizmasters Mr. Manish Bharvesh and Mr. Somnath Ganguly tested students’ knowledge of Indian culture and heritage through several interesting questions. The participants showcased their brilliance by promptly answering the questions. The audience was also involved byspecific questions and their enthusiasm was reflected in some extremely good answers. The Pragyan House emerged as the overall winner. Interestingly there was a tie between Pravir House, Udyam House and Satya House for the 2nd position, however, Udyam House won the tiebreaker for 2nd position.