Date of Upload: 5th April, 2018

Experiencing Silk!

It was an opportunity for the students of Grade VIII (A, C & F) to be fascinated by the entire process of making of silk fabric from an insect “Bombyx mori” as they visited a sericulture plant on 23rd March 2018. They learned and experienced the life cycle of a silk moth, production of cocoons and making of silk by boiling these cocoons and reeling silk thread out of it. The students also learnt the intricate art of re-reeling and twisting of this thread that gives the beautiful silk fabric its strength and shine. They had a great opportunity to experience mulberry and tussar silk production by these worms. They students collected information about cocoons of different silk moths, their feeding habits and the type of silk they produce. It was a life time experience because the most important way of learning is by visualizing the things and experiencing them on our own.