Date of Upload: 27th March, 2018

Grade VIII students visit the Bhaskar Denim Factory

As part of the industrial visit program, the students of Grade VIII visited the manufacturing division of Bhaskar Denim at Mandideep on 23rd March 2018. The students visited the central area of the factory where all the machinery is kept, the spinning section and the weaving section. They got a chance to peep into the whole process of transforming cotton into Denim of myriad colours. They were a witness to the process of making yarn from the cotton wool which is then dyed into desired colours, post which it is then woven on looms to make denim cloth. Students have learned this process of weaving and spinning theoretically in books but to observe it directly had a great impact on their minds. It helped them understand the process clearly and it was undoubtedly an enriching experience for all the students.