Date of Upload: 23rd March, 2018

Positive anything is better than negative nothing

A workshop was conducted by our school’s counsellor, Dr Ratna Sharma on 20th March 2018 to sensitize our young Class VIII boys against ‘Bullying’. Various discussions took place during the session regarding the harms caused by bullying. It also emphasized the fact that emotional wellbeing and a blend of basic virtues will help a student in the long run. Several videos were shown to the students to help them identify the negatives in their behaviour and at the same time they also took a pledge to say no to bullying. Another topic that was dealt in the session was a boy-girl friendship and they were also told to keep their thoughts positive and accept this relationship as they do with any other boy. The workshop was culminated by a skit by the boys on how they will oppose bullying and to everyone’s surprise, they came up with some wonderful ideas.