Date of Upload: 20th March, 2018

Reality-based Self Defense Program initiated at TSVS

Keeping in mind the crimes that are happening in society at large and the vulnerability of children, The Sanskaar Valley School has decided to take our students through a series of age-specific workshops to make them aware of the self-defence and self-protection techniques. These workshops that have been organized in collaboration with Safe Campus will have dedicated gender-specific sessions on reality-based self-defence techniques, cyber safety and gender sensitization for students of classes Nirmaan to XII. The workshop started with Grade VI of Sopaan today, as the trained professionals from Safe Campus took various sessions apprising students of the basics of safeguarding ourselves from any potential threat. The instructors explained through demonstration about the necessity of being alert and attentive to our surroundings and to be proactive when in a group. The students observed all the techniques with keen interest and attentiveness and practised a few of the same with great curiosity.