Date of Upload: 19th March, 2018

Inter-House Environmental Debate Competition Organized at Shikhar 

Human intelligence and technology have developed rapidly, enabling humans to manipulate natural resources and biota more severely than ever before. As the Earth Charter spells out that we are standing at a critical moment in Earth’s History where it is now up to humanity to choose its future for this fragile world. Echoing the same though, the Environmental Science department decided to sensitize and encourage young minds to take adequate steps to nurture and conserve the Environment. In the league, an Inter-House Environmental Debate Competition was organised on 17thMarch 2018 where students debated on topics such as “is organic farming the new future of agriculture?” and “is nuclear energy justified and should it be expanded?”. Contesting their thoughts with rational arguments Om Marwa & Siddharth Giri from Pragyan secured the first positions for the motion and OnishaMurab from Satya & Shivangi Chauhan from Pragyan house secured first positions against the motion.