Date of Upload: 13th March, 2018

Teachers Interact With Dr Mrinalini Gore

The Umang Hall resounded with the words of Maya Angelou during an interactive session with Dr. Mrinalini Gore, an experienced Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, who addressed the female teachers of The Sanskaar Valley School on 10thMarch 2018. It was a “women only” programme which was organised on the occasion of Women’s Day, with the express purpose of reinforcing in women the need to appreciate and acknowledge themselves and their importance as individuals. It was established that we can only be effective in helping others when we feel good about ourselves. Giving importance to self was a lesson all the teachers took home.The good doctor reinstated the need for a balanced diet and workout in the lives of human beings, especially women. Teachers were encouraged to make time for these exercises and make it a part of their daily routine to stay healthy.