Date of Upload: 3rd March, 2018

Memories created during the Kambre Trip

The students of Grade VII enjoyed the adventurous trip to Kambre, a location placed in the lap of nature from 17th to 23rd February 2018. Organised by Youreka, the trip entailed lake side walk, rafting, rock climbing and night out in wilderness. On reaching, the students were divided into two teams, where one team went for acclimatization trek and other for lake side walk. The highlight of day II was raft building and day III was learning the basics of rock climbing & top rope climbing and putting that into practice. Students pitched their own tents and went for rappelling and spent the night in the wild. Being the last day, various team building activities were organized to promote a feeling of group followed by a book donation activity. The students returned with the biggest smiles on their faces with memories sealed in their hearts forever.