Date of Upload: 24th February, 2018

Aadhar welcomes parents during the Orientation Session

The Orientation for the parents of Aadhar heralded the beginning of yet another year; another year of partnership, another step ahead! The new parents gathered in the Umang Hall where they were welcomed by the principal Dr Amlan K Saha to be a part of the Sanskaar family. Mrs Jyoti Agarwal, Director, addressed the audience and informed them about the new initiatives that the school intends to start this year along with the school's guiding philosophy and growth trajectory. The Head of Aadhar Ms Neetu Singh explained about the essence of Aadhar and introduced her team of teachers. Moving to Aadhar for the interaction with the class teachers, parents hurried to the classes eager to meet the teachers and to know about the new class and curriculum. They were taken through an overview of the year, the activities specific to Aadhar and a few guidelines to follow. Writing the names on the new books and notebooks, filling the child profile forms, writing a sweet note, it was good to see parents being the students!